Golf Betting Advice

Golf Betting Advice

There are few sports that can get quite as intricate golf betting. Even though there are a few titans in the industry that pretty reliably lead tournaments, there are many underdogs as well that often pull major upsets and result in some great payouts for in the know bettors.

Getting to a place where you can make confident and accurate sports bets takes time, practice but not as much luck as you may think.

Applying Golf Betting Strategy is the best way to improve your winning odds without the need for luck. If you collect enough relevant data, manage your bankroll and bet correctly, you can find online sports betting to be a rewarding and fun experience.

Considerations When Picking Players

Golf Betting Strategy starts with knowing how to pick players. You shouldn’t try and pick one player who you follow religiously. Instead create a pool of a few players.

You can look at the current world rankings and make a selection from the players featured there. It is a mistake to simply pick the top ten players. Instead try to spot players that have advanced a lot in recent months.

Also avoid golf bets on high ranked players that are showing a poor form and are slowly moving down the rankings. There are many young and up and golfers that may be more hungry for titles than more established players.

Picking The Right Tournament

Golf Betting Strategy should also take into account what courses your chosen players will be playing on. This is why equally important to picking the right players is picking the right tournament. Usually tournaments feature set courses where players have played before. This means that you can gather historical data on a players form at a specific course.

As an example a player who has a powerful drive will generally do better on straighter more narrow course. If a tournament has many curves, sand traps and the like, the same player may perform poorly.

By which players have performed best at which tournaments, you can start narrowing down the members of your betting pool. Once you have considered these variables, you can start looking for the right golf betting odds

Finding Value Bets

Now that you have established your players and your tournaments, you can move onto the next step of your Golf Betting Strategy, finding value bets.

No matter how great your golf betting tips are, if you use them at a site that offers below par odds, you won’t be getting the rewards you should be getting.

Using the sites to you by other punters, or those in the know will put you in the best position to find value bets. Look for sites that are known to have good odds and that offer vale on your wager, rather than fly by night sites that promise but don’t deliver. It’s easy to find out who are the best in the business, and you should always stick with them!

Managing Your Finances

Essential to successful Golf Betting Strategy is strategically managing your bankroll. This means creating set behaviours of wagering that gets the most from your wager budget. Avoid aiming for quick, high risk betting in the belief that you will win a jackpot payout like the lottery.

Instead consider your sports betting as a long-term investment that offers regular wins throughout the month, instead of one big underdog win out of left field.

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